Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Most bizarre sentences

What are some of the funniest things you have heard people say? Maybe they were not meant to be funny at the time, but out of context, they are hilarious?

Here are a few of mine:
"You may not leave the room without your underwear on."
"Stop rubbing the cheese on your body."
"Don't bite the table!"
"This is an inappropriate use of whipped cream."
"My Mummies undies smell like trout."

There are others, I'm sure of it, but too tired to remember them right now. PS, all of these sentences were said in a school environment, and were appropriate at the time!

Do you have any?

1 comment:

  1. The other day, I got to tell Ollie- "No, you can't be a ninja today bub." He didn't seem to mind ;-) He pulled out his black shirt, and I had already picked his black tights.

    Now, that is not something you say every day!

    To be a what would that entail?